Christmas Light Hanging Pricing

Pricing a job in this industry can be quite a project in of itself. Almost the entire job has to do with location and complexity of the project. That’s why we prefer to have one of our trained techs come out to your home and take a look first hand what the entire project entails. You can schedule today to have a tech come out and start planning your holiday decorating plans, find out more about our free quotes here.

With that in mind, pricing can be quite different from one project to another based on a lot of factors. Some of these include; how many stories your home is, whether or not there are trees involved in the project, the density and quantity of the lights you wish to have displayed, and of course the time frame plays a factor as well. The more advanced notice we can have the better time we will have to fit your specific project into our calendar and make sure we have appropriate time to get a quality project done.

Make sure to call and ask about our “Early Cheer” option, which ensures your project will take priority based on how early you call and set up an appointment.